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imago/Rolf Zöllner
IMAGO 25 Years

Berlin landmarks by two different generations. 

Most of Berlin’s landmarks have remained, but how we depict landmarks and even what we consider to be a landmark, has certainly evolved. IMAGO looks at Berlin and its culturally significant landmarks through the lens of two generations of photographers.

Mario Reina

Mario Reina, a look inside the artisan communities in Colombia.

Immersed in the craft processes of Colombian communities, Mario Reina’s photographs transport the viewer to feel and relive each stage of the craft process and to get to know the artisans better. In this interview, IMAGO spoke with him about his experiences as a photojournalist in his country.


The World Cup is on. Impressions from Qatar.

Already before the World Cup kicked off on Sunday night, the host country Qatar has been in the spotlight. IMAGO’s photographers capture different impressions from around Doha.