This Friday, photographer Robert Kalb talks to us about his creative processes, the story behind his career and how photography has been an important element in his life since early childhood. Meet this week’s IMAGO contributor.

From a trained carpenter to a professional photographer, Robert Kalb is a craftsman through and through. Specializing in photo-reportages, creating stories for companies and a more creative aesthetic, he tells IMAGO why he is most proud of the images that come as a surprise to the viewer.


Meet this weeks Contributor:

Let’s kick off, how did you get started in photography and why?

In my youth – already with 13 years I began to photograph. When I was about 18, I joined the photo club in Dornbirn, where I had the opportunity to successfully participate in international photo competitions.

What was your first experience with a camera?

My first camera was a very nice, but very heavy Minolta viewfinder camera with a fixed focal length, which I was allowed to borrow from home. I experimented with it for about 2 years and learned a lot about proper exposure. I photographed everything – landscape, nature, friends.

IMAGO / robertkalb photographien
Photo: IMAGO / robertkalb photographien
IMAGO / robertkalb photographien
Photo: IMAGO / robertkalb photographien

What five words describe your photographic style or captured message?

Emotional, Lively, Clear (expressive), Timeless, Attention to detail.

What is the best element about being a photographer, and most challenging?

The best thing about photography is not knowing what tasks to expect in a reportage and a challenge is to capture special circumstances with existing equipment in a perfect picture for me.

To you, what is the role photography has in the world?

Photography has been one of the most important parts of my life since I was young.

“The best thing about photography is not knowing what tasks to expect."


What one important lesson has your work taught you?

That in any company all the people who work there, whether boss or “cleaning staff” are important and contribute your part to the product, but also to the working atmosphere, which is an essential factor for the success of a company. A photo reportage in a company should be fun for the employees and me, and this should also show in the pictures.

What is currently really getting you frustrated or annoyed?

The current situation due to Covid19 is frustrating, as it currently does not allow personal contact with customers and therefore my work is not really viable.

IMAGO / robertkalb photographien
Photo: IMAGO / robertkalb photographien

If you could photograph any historical event, what would it be and why?

The first trip on the Orient Express. I love the technology of the steam locomotive, the equipment and the features of the carriages.

What does success look like to you?

When I can surprise the customer with my ideas and style of photography and the outcomes. Success to me is when they say things like, “I have not seen my company from this angle before!”

What’s your go to album to listen to when you’re working right now?

Pink Floyd, especially the song ‘Learning to Fly’.

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