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IMAGO / ActionPictures
Meet the Contributor

Meet the Contributor: Peter Schatz of ActionPictures.

With a life in photography spanning back to a trip around the world after finishing his studies at TU Munich, Peter Schatz of Action Pictures has an established archive today spanning sports, creative and portrait photography. / Instagram: @momentaryawe

35 years since Chernobyl.

Marking 35 years since the Chernobyl disaster, architecture photographer Catalin Marin takes us to the isolated buildings that once saw life. Now abandoned scenes, the juxtaposition of haunting and beautiful comes full circle in his series commemorating the historic event.

IMAGO / Stefan Zeitz


IMAGO Weekend Roundup. It’s all of a sudden May, which meant this weekend saw many across Europe demonstrate, protest and celebrate Labour Day. Here in Berlin the city’s streets were full of life for the first time in months as countries across the world continue to tackle COVID, emerging into spring at different paces.


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