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From Trabant to Tristesse: How East German Football Transformed After Reunification

The echoes of past triumphs resonating, East German football clubs still vividly remember their glorious days before the fall of the Berlin Wall. They once regularly graced the stages of European cup finals and amassed championships, now, 33 years after the German reunification, the traditional teams from the East find themselves in the bottom divisions of German football.

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Advertising Photography in the Digital Era: A Conversation with Creative Director Juan Vargas

In a conversation with The Game Magazine, produced by IMAGO, a Photo Agency, Juan Vargas shares his advertising background and the critical role photography plays in the industry. His position as creative director gives him the ability to guide teams and emerging talent to achieve optimal results. He also explores how new technologies are integrated into the creative process to shape new projects.

Timeless Captures: The Artistic Vision of Nicole Woischwill

Timeless Captures: The Artistic Vision of Nicole Woischwill

In an interview with The Game Magazine, Nicole Woischwill shares her artistic narrative and passion for photography. Hailing from the vibrant city of Berlin, Nicole’s evocative images are a testament to her deep connection with the art form and its power to evoke raw emotion.

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The Lasting Impact of Pop Art Icon Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol, renowned for his celebrity portraits, signature Campbell’s soup cans, and bold Brillo boxes, didn’t merely depict the 20th-century zeitgeist — he became one of the defining figures. By fusing commercial elements with the avant-garde, he pioneered a movement that blurred the lines between high art and popular culture. Today, in contemporary art, Warhol remains a towering figure, synonymous with the Pop art movement.

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Bert Trautmann: From War Prisoner to Football Legend

Amid the backdrop of war-torn Europe, a tale that sounds more like fiction than reality unfolded. It’s the story of Bernhard Carl “Bert” Trautmann – a former Luftwaffe paratrooper, a war prisoner, and ultimately, a football icon.


From La Boca To The World: Where Passion and Football Heritage Collide in a Sea of Blue and Gold

From the small villages scattered across the vast countryside to the energetic city life in Buenos Aires, football plays a significant role in the culture of Argentina. In an exclusive interview with the official club photographer of Boca Juniors, Javier Garcia Martino, The Game immerses further into the unique football experience at one of the most famous clubs in the world, Boca Juniors.

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From Focus to Framing: A Collective Lens on Photography’s Challenges

Every day, photographs shape our perception of the world, and we often take them for granted. But behind every image is a photographer who often faces numerous challenges to bring these visual stories to life. In this article, we offer a unique perspective, spotlighting the experiences of IMAGO visual storytellers across various photography genres.


Iranian Uprising Anniversary: Women at the Forefront of Change

A year after the Iranian uprising, which began with the murder of Mahsa Amini, The Game Magazine revisits the past year’s events. We review how the Iranian regime has attempted to enforce stricter rules against women who are fighting for their freedom under the slogan “Woman, Life, Freedom.”


Summer 2023: A Blaze to Remember, Who’s to Blame?

In the summer of 2023, multiple wildfires captured global attention. From Hawaii to Europe to the Middle East, fires raged across green landscapes. But what’s the underlying cause? Climate change, human activity, or simply nature? The Game Magazine reviews these pressing questions.