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Meet the Contributor

IMAGO / Jochen Eckel

Meet the Contributor: Jochen Eckel.

Meet our contributor, Jochen Eckel. Documenting people and their stories, the Berlin-based photographer, and IMAGO partner, describes his work as “real, authentic, focused, close, creative.”

IMAGO / Harry Koerber

Meet the Contributor: Harry Koerber.

Meet our contributor, Harry Koerber. With an artistic eye for precision and honesty, Koerber’s photography is simply authentic, clean and visually striking with linear elements and primary colour.

IMAGO / Joerg Boethling

Meet the Contributor: Jörg Böthling.

Meet our contributor, Jörg Böthling. From merchant shipper to photographer. Discovering and documenting our world in all its diversity, covering continents and local neighbor hoods alike.

IMAGO / Maryam Majd

Meet the Contributor: Maryam Majd.

Meet our contributor, Iranian photographer Maryam Majd. Promoting inclusivity unconditionally and giving a voice to those rarely heard, her photography speaks volumes.

IMAGO / Vitalii Kliuiev

Meet the Contributor: Vitalii Kliuiev

This week, Ukrainian based Vitalii Kliuiev talks to us about his connection with sports photography and how his chosen profession has helped him out in more ways than one.

IMAGO / Heinz Gebhardt

Meet the Contributor: Heinz Gebhardt

Documenting the history of Munich for almost 50 years, Heinz Gebhardt showcases industrial cityscapes alongside portraits of famed individuals throughout the decades. Telling imago his photographs are works for later generations to judge and relive the events of time, Gebhardt brings to life the city for those around the globe. We spoke to him to find out all about his time as a photographer.

IMAGO / Hans Lucas

Meet the Contributor: Martin Bertrand for Hans Lucas

French photography agency, Hans Lucas showcases the captivating work of photographer Martin Bertrand in his series, “Oasis Kerlanic – An Autonomous Community in Brittany.” With his beautifully organic style and charming portraiture photography, Bertrand aims to use his work to get the attention of the people and discover the true power of photography.

IMAGO. Gil Peres

Meet the Contributor: Gil Peres

Portugese photographer Gil Peres, talks us through his long time passion for sports photography and the changing landscape in the industry over the years. With his focused and action filled style, Peres encapsulates pivotal moments in sport and tells about his dream to photograph at the Olympic Games.

Meet the Contributor: Olaf Schuelke

Meet the Contributor: Olaf Schuelke

Berliner, now Singapore based photographer Olaf Schuelke, dedicated to capturing candid moments and the authentic, talks to IMAGO about staying visible and the changing role of photography in a digital age. With his vibrant and colourful imagery documenting the lives of those in the busy and bustling city, we sit down to hear all about the artist himself.