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IMAGO / ZUMA Wire / Ashraf Amra

Conflict Stories: Who are the women of Gaza? Photos by Ashraf Amra.

They are a staple in the cultural traditions. They are breadwinners and martial artists, crafters and cooks, business owners, students and activists. They breathe life into Gaza, but most of us don’t even know their names. Award-winning Gaza-native photojournalist Ashraf Amra urges us to take a closer look at the women who run the show – these are the women of Gaza.

imago images/Jack Malipan

Conflict Stories: A Different Side to Yemen.

Conflicted regions are often seen only for their conflict and the rest is seldom part of the story. As war in Yemen has raged since 2014, not much else is known in the West about the small but complex country with its own unique culture and landscapes. This is a different side to Yemen.


Shane Warne and sport’s greatest everyday geniuses.

The outpouring of united emotion after the Australian cricketing legend’s tragic recent death, aged just 52, was testament to one of sport’s great entertainers on and off the field. The Game columnist Andy Murray considers the other maverick sporting geniuses whose everyday appeal charmed fans worldwide.

IMAGO / Hübner

Women’s Bundesliga on the Rise.

Examining the role of sports broadcasting in female football leagues, columnist Sofia Bergmann dissects what effect media support has within sport and its continued impact within gender inequality.

IMAGO / Nordphoto / Sarah Rauch

Panenka Awards, Celebrating the Culture of football in its entirety.

With a layered and exciting composition, this year’s Best Photograph of the Year captured Erhan Masovic’s goal celebration after scoring a penalty received an outstanding amount of votes. After the awards, we spoke to Panenka Magazine, about the motivations behind providing recognition for sports photographers.

IMAGO / Domenic Aquilina

Domenic Aquilina on Malta – The emerging football haven.

Domenic Aquilina won international awards for his photo of Lionel Messi’s overhead kick during a Champions League match in 2019. With decades of experience, 14 Champions League finals under his belt, and some quality time with the best-of-the-best, he now focuses on the overlooked gems in European football.

IMAGO / Penta Press / Chico Ferreira

Brazil’s Heroes: An interview with Chico Ferreira.

Capturing the many faces of a crisis is not only a delicate craft, but creates an archive of current issues. “This movement is part of our contemporary history and must be registered,” said Brazilian photojournalist Chico Ferreira from Penta Press. IMAGO spoke to Ferreira about his work depicting the reality in Brazil at its core, from politics to the pandemic.

imago images/Shengolpixs

The sport that matters in 2022.

The Game columnist Andy Murray looks at how the pandemic has shaped how we interact with sport and what 2022 has in store for addicts in perpetual need of their fix.

IMAGO / Thomas Hengge

Thomas Hengge: An Interview on the Insurrection.

The violence that was incited by former President Trump led to riots and violent protest on January 6. Thomas Hengge, a New York-based photojournalist documented the historical event with his camera. We spoke to him about his first hand experience in an interview depicting a historical and iconic moment of today’s social political environment.

IMAGO / NurPhoto / Dominika Zarzycka

After the Scorch – An Interview with Dominika Zarzycka.

Talking with Dominika Zarzycka, in admiration of Evia residents following the aftermath of the devastating wildfires on the island. Zarycka points to how her photography aims to showcase the strength of the communities affected and their connection with the soil and sea.

IMAGO / Shutterstock

Forest Green Rovers. The World’s greenest soccer club.

Based in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, in the far west of England, Forest Green Rovers would probably be one of many little-noticed fourth-division clubs in English soccer if it weren’t for Dale Vince. The 60-year-old eco-visionary and entrepreneur saved the club from insolvency in 2010 and has since completely turned it around, and not just from a sporting perspective: in 2018, the United Nations presented Forest Green Rovers with the “Momentum for Change Award” as the world’s first climate-neutral soccer club.

Domenic Aquilina


IMAGO partner and Malta based sports photographer, Domenic Aquilina has been covering the Malta Premier League for a good number of years. Despite coming from a minnow football country like Malta, Domenic has seen Maltese football improve over recent years in the most dramatic of manners.

IMAGO / Gabriele Facciotti

Pallapugno by Gabriele Facciotti.

Pallapugno, or formerly pallone elastico, originates from ancient Italy. Played with a bandaged fist, today’s game is a celebration of athlete and community. Photographer Gabriele Facciotti captures decisive moments, composite angles and the people surrounding the unique sport.

IMAGO / Rolf Zöllner

Fall of the Berlin Wall: An Interview with Rolf Zöllner.

East Berliner and photographer, Rolf Zöllner showcases his stunning black and white film photography in an interview covering life in Berlin during the height of its culture. Experience the fall of the wall through his lens and immerse in the iconic movement and moment of the unification of our ace city.


BLM. Brixton. Same fight, decades apart.

Over a year has passed since reports of George Floyd’s death resurfaced outrage, erupting in a new wave of the Black Lives Matter movement sending ripples throughout the United States and further. 40 years ago, London’s Brixton riots fought a similar battle against police brutality and direct segregation.

IMAGO / Contrast

Osaka and Williams shifting mental health in sports: impressions from photographers .

Examining the tennis icon, Serena Williams, in a new light and through the lens of the everchanging sporting mentality in recent events, Sofia Bergmann dissects the new layers in which Serena is to be considered iconic. Alongside a new generation of athletes including Naomi Osaka, sports culture is evolving and todays icons are not just based on matches won.

IMAGO / Pressefoto Baumann

Oil, Afghanistan and Jimmy Carter: Remembering Moscow 1980.

Politics and sport are two entities that most of us would rather keep separate. People don’t tend to go to cricket, rugby, football or even the Olympics intending to engage in heated debate surrounding government policy. Quite the contrary: sport serves as a distraction from the seemingly endless drone of current affairs – none of which ever seems to be particularly positive.

IMAGO / Geoff Martin

Are you a muppet or a goon? Words by Martin Tarbuck.

My football club is unique. Let me explain why. The above question was first asked in the late 80’s in an article in the seminal Wigan Athletic fanzine Cockney Latic. Essentially, it was a social study intended to break supporters into a number of categories based on their match day rituals.

GOAL CLICK presents: Storytellers.

GOAL CLICK presents: Storytellers.

Each of the following collections was created on film, capturing real fans, clubs, places and cultures. Our friends at Goal Click feature some of their international photo-stories from fans perspectives, giving us a glimpse into their teams, communities and fan culture.

IMAGO / Sportfoto Rudel

FANsided. Words by Andy Murray.

The fan is an intrinsic, irreplaceable part of sport. Without the humble observer, elite competition becomes an unrelenting trudge to the bottom line – a sterile pursuit of results and ever-diminishing (or increasing) numbers.


For the Many, Not the Few: The Position of Football Fans in the Modern-Day Game.

Plans for a breakaway super league stimulated a fan uprising and rocked European football last month. As fans, politicians and players alike united in outrage, the world was reminded of the position of the football fan and the undeniable culture that encompasses the game. Sam Hudspith looks back on a week of unease for football’s richest clubs.

IMAGO / PA Images

433 on Football, Fans and Social Media : An Interview.

433, the biggest Instagram account in the world, has published its first book. From starting out as a twitter account to today’s number one sports community, the team takes us through their journey, sharing their insight along the way.

IMAGO / Shutterstock

What next for Jose Mourinho and Roma? By Andy Murray.

It took Jose Mourinho little more than a fortnight to find a new job after his unceremonious Tottenham sacking six days before the Carabao Cup final. Stuck in a cycle of ever-diminishing returns, the Portuguese boss is in danger of ruining his legacy.

Thomas Hengge Photography

LEFT BEHIND: Loss in Isolation. By Thomas Hengge.

Documenting the lives of those whose stories deserve to be heard, New York based photographer, Thomas Hengge’s photo essay depicts the lives of the Jackowski family. As the coronavirus began to make headlines in the United States, Chris Jackowski, a long-time Teamster and volunteer firefighter from Long Island, fell ill with what they thought was the flu. Today, his name is counted among the first 30 known deaths caused by the Coronavirus.

John Wreford

The Cowboys Of Cappadocia. A Photo Essay by John Wreford.

Currently based in Istanbul, Freelance editorial photographer, John Wreford specializes in photographing the Middle East & Balkans. Experience the lives of the Cowboys Of Cappadocia through his self written photo essay and browse his stunning imagery for a trip of a lifetime.

IMAGO / Colorsport

With or Without COVID by Phil Downs.

“The cries from supporters with disabilities suddenly had a much louder voice”. After suffering a life changing injury, Manchester United supporter, Phil Downs, chats to IMAGO to tell his story and fan ambition to negotiate introducing an acceptable level of facilities and opportunity for supporters with disabilities. Read his full and inspirational story here.

IMAGO / Thomas Hengge

Thomas Hengge : Documenting the Insurrection.

A week ago, we watched as reports broke of Trump supporters storming the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC. On the frontlines, IMAGO photographer, Thomas Hengge captivated us with his images taken from the riot. Read his experience here.

Stadium announcer in times of Covid 19

Stadium announcer in times of Covid 19

I’m Gustav Ahmeti and the stadium spokesman for the Grasshopper Club Zurich, a traditional club in Swiss football that is known far beyond the country’s borders among connoisseurs.

Goal Click: A Tool for Social Good

Goal Click: A Tool for Social Good

A project with the aim to send disposable cameras around the world in order to connect communities and encourage self creation through first person perspective storytelling, Goal Click is bringing together people through football with beautiful analogue photography.

imago images/ZUMA Press

Why Jurgen Klopp Cannot Keep Performing ‘Mission: Impossible’ At Liverpool

On the surface, Liverpool have been a perfectly run super-club ever since Jurgen Klopp charmed fans and media at his unveiling in October 2015. They are the example to all the rest. The ideal manager was appointed and backed, while Michael Edwards – now sporting director – was already behind the scenes working on a masterful recruitment strategy.