IMAGO Weekend Roundup. This Sunday saw the COP26 summit commence, a huge moment for global struggle and arguably the most poignant and last remaining chance the world has to change the course of climate change around.


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As global leaders and governments gather in Glasgow, statements including that of English Prime Minister, Johnson, “If we don’t act now it will be too late” resonate all the more louder. Through the focus of “green recovery” the phrase net zero is evermore at the forefront of the climate conversation. Scientists and politicians together with activists and environmentalists use the phrase as shorthand for the needed steps toward stopping global warming and in reference to the amount of carbon in the world’s atmosphere. But how will we get there and how will a deal be made in order to ensure the long-term goal of holding the global temperature increase to “below 1.5” degrees Celsius? 

In order to accelerate climate action, topics ranging from adaptation to protection of communities and natural habitats, mobilizing finances and collaborating effectively will all be discussed, implemented and impactful. Building upon the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention, their joining forces to form a civil society will spearhead a Global Green Recovery.

So far, during the summit there have been concerns of the efforts and effectiveness of the proposals outlined by leading countries including the US and the UK. As poorer countries in particular have publicly scrutinized the G20’s limited climate progress and blaming the influence of powerful private-sector interests. From Gaston Browne, chair of the Alliance of Small Island States, to  Mohamed Nasheed,  former president of the Maldives, leaders of island states and poorer countries have voiced concern that if the 1.5 agreement is not meant now, their countries will cease to exist in years to come and have said for them and their people, it is “a matter of survival”.

Protests broke out across the world this weekend in support of climate action as young and old took to the streets from Melbourne to Rome and London and hundreds were reported stuck at London Euston Station this weekend as they tried to make their way to Glasgow. Protesters and activists claim that thousands of frontline communities in the global south have been excluded from conversations and that COP26 will be the most privileged and whitest ever. 

Stay tuned as the COP26 event unfolds with us as we bring you collections, updates and news from Glasgow around the clock. 

In sport, breaking news from the Premier League as Tottenham announce they are in advanced talks with Antonio Conte over their Head Coach job after sacking Nuno. After only 17 matches with the Spurs, Nuno has gone after a 3-0 home defeat to Manchester United on Saturday during which he was berated by supporters. After comprehensive defeats by Chelsea, Arsenal and United paired with an uninspiring style of play, the former Wolves coach has been sacked and Spurs have said they are confident a deal with Conte can be achieved after talks previously collapsed in June. 

New York Jets quarterback, Mike White has risen to heroic feat this weekend after perfectly ending to a game that showcased the compelling nature of the NFL. With one yard needed and only two minutes left to secure a 34-31 defeat over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, White stunned crowds and stole the win. 

Huge success and a huge leap in Women’s rugby came this weekend after a  record-breaking score as England Women secured the biggest defeat against opponents, New Zealand. Ending with a 43-12 score, the Red Roses have ensured their world Number 1 ranking heading into the World Cup.

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