IMAGO Weekend Roundup. As the Olympics continue, athletic events get underway in Tokyo as medal winners continue to surprise crowds. Wildfires blaze across southern Europe, protests erupt in European cities and COVID takes back control of China, Tokyo and elsewhere.


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Olympic stories continue to delight audiences with another triumphant weekend filled with surprise medal winners, emotional scenes and sportsmanship at its finest.

In the wake of Usain Bolt’s departure from the sport, the world has a new fastest man on earth, Marcell Jacobs of Italy. Crediting his recent reconnection with his estranged father for giving him ‘the energy to be here today’, the new men’s 100m Champion is relatively unknown, until now. A former long jumper, Jacobs ran the final in an eze watering time of 9.80seconds.

5 minutes earlier, Italy took another surprise gold in the high jump as Gianmarco Tamberi won by clearing 2.37m. Likely to be remembered as one of the most heartwarming moments of the Tokyo Games, two athletes agreed to share gold medals in the men’s high jump. Qatar’s Mutaz Barshim too won the gold alongside Tamberi.

Not only shattering a 26 year old women’s triple jump record, but also becoming the first female Venezuelan Olympic gold medallist, Yulimar Rojas took the gold. With two world titles and a silver medal in Rio, 2016 Rojas, a prominent LGBT activist, jumped 15.67m, beating the previous world record of 15.50m set in 1995.

Attempting the Gold Slam, and the first man to win all four Grand Slam titles as well as the Olympic gold in the same year, Djokovic sadly lost his semi final game to Germanys, Alexander Zverev. Going on to take the gold the German winner, ranked No. 3 in the world took the gold in his final match against Karen Khachanov of the Russian Olympic Committee.

Elsewhere, Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, the Berlarus sprinter remains safe and under Tokyo police protection after refusing to leave the Games to return to her home country. The 200m sprinter recently publicly criticised her Belarussian team officials and about the negligence of her coaches. Tsimanouskaya sought out the protection of the Japanese police after it emerged team officials removed her from the team and allegedly turned up at her room telling her to pack her bags. It has since been reported that the 24 year old athlete was planning to seek asylum in Germany or Austria and had already been offered asylum by Poland and the Czech Republic.

Southern Europe saw devastating wildfires this weekend as temperatures soared to well above 40C in some places. Tourists and residents experiencing the heatwave across Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey have been evacuated in some parts as fires continue to spread.

Delhi and the adjoining regions of the National Capital Region NCR woke up to witness moderate to heavy rainfall, accompanied by thunderstorms, on Sunday. A forecasting agency had earlier predicted that several parts of northern India will witness heavy rainfall throughout the entire first week of August. Scenes of locals wading through thigh-high levels of water throughout the citz have emerged as monsoons continue to threaten the city.

A large demonstration in opposition of the Corona measures remaining in place in Berlin, went ahead despite it being prohibited by the courts. Kreuzberg, Berlin saw thousands of protesters take to its streets in protest against restrictions whilst huge crowds also gathered at Brandenburg Gate. Heavy police presence was seen throughout the areas of the city affected, with protesters being carried off by some officers. Berlin was not the only city erupting in protest against new COVID measures as Paris too saw violent protests demonstrating against the health pass that has become mandatory throughout France. Protesters were met with strong backlash from police as the two collided.

In sport, after finishing second place in Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel has been disqualified. The Aston Martin driver lost his second-place finish and was disqualified from the results after officials were only able to take 0.3 litres of fuel from his car after the race. Technical regulations stipulate that competitors must ensure that a minimum of a 1.0 litre sample may be taken from their car at any time during the event.

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