IMAGO announces its business for Creatives.

IMAGO announces its business for Creatives.

In the new business endeavour, IMAGO will now identify and address the needs of modern brands, corporates and agencies in 2021, growing into the biggest market for visual content.
In December IMAGO refreshed its identity with a view to building new connections and further expanding their international range. Crucially without ever forgetting their 20 year foundation and ethos the brand has built to resonate.  Now with the latest addition of IMAGO Creative, the leading photography agency will innovate within the creative space, offering new and relevant visual content. Premium RF that differentiates. Content that feels like you.  Providing creative services across research, production and original archive, IMAGO are taking on the conventions of the creative sector. Understanding supply and demand to now offer clients an unmatched creative experience and content that is honest, authentic and matters. The new venture will include a range of creative products to further diversify the already extensive portfolio and offering from IMAGO. The exciting announcement of new creative pack plans for day to day use, single licenses for RM, RF and RF premium, no exclusion subscriptions and in house creative collections including, “Ninety-Seven” – a homegrown exclusive Premium RF collection that will build outwards with great care from Berlin will all contribute to the vast offering as IMAGO aims to grow into the new available market space. The new venture will include some of the very best global creative producers including, but not limited to; Addictive Stock, Cavan Images, HEX, MASKOT, Wavebreak Premium, Westend61, with more signature partners to come.

Gavin Booth, Chief Growth Officer commented, “This is an important step & is something we all are looking forward to. It’s a simple goal – to listen and offer something valuable and different to creatives.”

Visit the new IMAGO Creative page here and follow us on Instagram for daily visual content highlights. #weareIMAGO  #aCREATIVEalternative

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