IMAGO launches new brand identity and web platform

IMAGO launches new brand identity and web platform

IMAGO, the largest independent photo agency and producer of sport content in Europe today launched a brand new identity & web platform along with the launch of a new digital magazine “The Game”.

Berlin, 2 December 2020

The new identity will further support the continued growth of IMAGO across media, sport & brands. The new platform significantly extends a focus towards the creative, corporate & sports verticals. In addition, “The Game” will serve as a visual inspiration to all our clients and the wider visual community.

“This is an exciting time for a new IMAGO to continue this success story” said CGO, Gavin Booth. “This is an incredibly experienced & talented group of people with new tools. We are all excited about building new relationships across licensing, research & production and adding a significant new tier of agency partners and emerging photographers”.


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35 years since Chernobyl.

Marking 35 years since the Chernobyl disaster, architecture photographer Catalin Marin takes us to the isolated buildings that once saw life. Now abandoned scenes, the juxtaposition of haunting and beautiful comes full circle in his series commemorating the historic event.

IMAGO / Stefan Zeitz


IMAGO Weekend Roundup. It’s all of a sudden May, which meant this weekend saw many across Europe demonstrate, protest and celebrate Labour Day. Here in Berlin the city’s streets were full of life for the first time in months as countries across the world continue to tackle COVID, emerging into spring at different paces.

IMAGO / Hindustan Times


IMAGO Weekend Roundup. From this year’s Oscar award ceremony to the COVID crisis in India, this weekend saw some truly significant events and in sport, there were wins for Manchester City in the Carabao Cup and Rafa Nadal in the Barcelona Open. Take a look at this weekend’s news with our IMAGO photographers from around the world.

IMAGO / Alex Amoros
Meet the Contributor

Meet the Contributor: Alex Amorós.

Meet this week’s Contributor. London based photographer, director and musician Alex Amorós joined IMAGO this year and sat down to tell us a little more about himself, his passions and why he deems photography to be a tool for freedom.

Thomas Hengge Photography

LEFT BEHIND: Loss in Isolation. By Thomas Hengge.

Documenting the lives of those whose stories deserve to be heard, New York based photographer, Thomas Hengge’s photo essay depicts the lives of the Jackowski family. As the coronavirus began to make headlines in the United States, Chris Jackowski, a long-time Teamster and volunteer firefighter from Long Island, fell ill with what they thought was the flu. Today, his name is counted among the first 30 known deaths caused by the Coronavirus.

IMAGO / Pro Shots


IMAGO Weekend Roundup. This weekend a family and a nation said their goodbyes to Prince Philip as his death was commemorated around the world. Protests once again erupted across the US as the Black Lives Matter movement strengthened and united against further police brutality and the controversial Super League was announced as headlines read “Football at war”.