Sportal365 and IMAGO enter into a new partnership, promising extensive PREMIUM content.

Sportal365 and IMAGO enter into a new partnership, promising extensive PREMIUM content.

The world’s first sport content management system, Sportal365 and IMAGO, have announced their new partnership in a collaboration that will result in an extensive premium content offering.

Sportal365, the platform used by leading sports digital media companies and bookmakers, enter into a brand new partnership with IMAGO, the leading German sports photography agency to offer their extensive media database. Having now integrated the new content to their world-class CMS, Sportal365 will now be able to guarantee clients easy access to one of the most established sports photography and multimedia archives.


The significant collaboration via Sportal365 API-driven software and architecture will ensure the substantial sports content offering from IMAGO will be seamlessly delivered to the clients of Sportal365, allowing for an increase in premium content. In addition to this enriched offering, IMAGO too is syndicating this collaboration, with the introduction of the new partner to their established publisher network, growing both assets, offering and audience.

Stilian Shishkov, CEO of Sportal365 commented, “Partnering with IMAGO will add great content to Sportal365 CMS which gives our clients instant access to one of the best sports multimedia libraries. This is just a beginning of many opportunities we will explore together with our new partner.”

Gavin Booth, CGO from IMAGO commented, “We are proud to be working with Stilian & his talented team. IMAGO is excited to get to work.”

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About Sportal365.

Sportal365 is the world’s first sport content management system (CMS). The platform is used by leading sports digital media companies and bookmakers. Sportal365 significantly increases the speed of publishing and improves end-user experience. It has integrated sports data from several data providers, pre-game and live odds from over 220 bookmakers, pre-built SEO optimization tools, tracking features for social media channels and sports digital media. It’s API-driven software architecture which allows seamless integration with any 3rd party content delivery service.

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