Many tales, catastrophes, incidents, tragedies, and evolves are happening on the ground around us. But humans and all life on Earth are adjusting to these changes to flourish, fighting for equality, respect for all, and conserving the life that surrounds us. That’s why on this occasion, our photographers take you on a journey to share with you these stories full of emotions and experiences. 

From Kurdish festivities by Mehmet, to Jared’s globe sports photography narratives, Christian and Regula’s tales of the natural world, to Lina, a Colombian storyteller, and her travel adventures across the globe; you can see how our photographers work together to get the strongest images. With their photography, we become aware of the merging of cultures, the evolution of people and communities, societal issues, human reforms, environmental factors, and the life of the surrounding world.

Stay tuned for our Merge & Emerge Series.