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Timeless Captures: The Artistic Vision of Nicole Woischwill

Timeless Captures: The Artistic Vision of Nicole Woischwill

In an interview with The Game Magazine, Nicole Woischwill shares her artistic narrative and passion for photography. Hailing from the vibrant city of Berlin, Nicole’s evocative images are a testament to her deep connection with the art form and its power to evoke raw emotion.

IMAGO/Sports Press Photo

Together Unbeatable at the Special Olympics World Games

Berlin is hosting the largest inclusive sports competition in the world. In 26 different sports, thousands of people with intellectual disabilities participated side by side and competed for nine days in thrilling and inspiring events.

Hertha BSC, Love Never Gets Relegated

Hertha BSC, Love Never Gets Relegated

Once a thriving symbol of ambition, pride and promise, the story of Hertha BSC in recent years is one to delve further into. The club, who once proudly represented the capital city of Berlin, found itself dwindled in a cycle of mediocrity and chaos. Together with local photographer and Hertha fan, Kasimir Weichert, this article tells a story of mismanagement, failed investments, frustration, traditions and a fan base, which has never been more united after suffering from years of let downs and disappointments.

imago/Rolf Zöllner

Berlin landmarks by two different generations. 

Most of Berlin’s landmarks have remained, but how we depict landmarks and even what we consider to be a landmark, has certainly evolved. IMAGO looks at Berlin and its culturally significant landmarks through the lens of two generations of photographers.

IMAGO/Jannis Chavakis

Faces of Berlin by Jannis Chavakis.

Actors, politicians, authors, activists – the Berlin-based photographer and new member of IMAGO Jannis Chavakis has been photographing the people of Berlin for over 20 years.