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IMAGO Photojournalism picks of the year. 

See our picks of the year as we commemorate the art of photojournalism this month alongside IMAGO’s sponsoring of the UK Picture Editors’ Guild Awards taking place tomorrow in London.

IMAGO / NurPhoto / Dominika Zarzycka

After the Scorch – An Interview with Dominika Zarzycka.

Talking with Dominika Zarzycka, in admiration of Evia residents following the aftermath of the devastating wildfires on the island. Zarycka points to how her photography aims to showcase the strength of the communities affected and their connection with the soil and sea.

IMAGO / Xinhua

IMAGO Archive: A History of German flooding.

With numerous climate disasters happening in recent months around the world – Germany has been one of the talking points in 2021 when back in July parts of the country suffered devastating flooding.

IMAGO / Westend61

Climate Action: Innovation and the Future.

In the lead up to the COP26 summit taking place, global struggle is a leading conversation the world over – but what about the technologies and innovations adapting our future and helping in the cause?


IMAGO Archive: COP3 Kyoto Protocol, 1997.

Adopted on 11 December 1997, The Kyoto Protocol operationalized UN Climate Change Framework and committed developed countries to agree on specific targets in cutting their emissions of greenhouse gases.

IMAGO / Shutterstock

Forest Green Rovers. The World’s greenest soccer club.

Based in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, in the far west of England, Forest Green Rovers would probably be one of many little-noticed fourth-division clubs in English soccer if it weren’t for Dale Vince. The 60-year-old eco-visionary and entrepreneur saved the club from insolvency in 2010 and has since completely turned it around, and not just from a sporting perspective: in 2018, the United Nations presented Forest Green Rovers with the “Momentum for Change Award” as the world’s first climate-neutral soccer club.