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Merge and Emerge

Merge and Emerge

For the next three months, we will explore the Merge & Emerge series. We will discover from the eyewitness stories of our photographers as they document the ways in which the world is evolving, and people are working together to emerge.

Waves of change

Waves of Change

Our monthly series, Waves of Change, gives insight into worldwide changes through narrating the stories by our photographers.


IMAGO Photojournalism picks of the year. 

See our picks of the year as we commemorate the art of photojournalism this month alongside IMAGO’s sponsoring of the UK Picture Editors’ Guild Awards taking place tomorrow in London.

IMAGO / NurPhoto / Dominika Zarzycka

After the Scorch – An Interview with Dominika Zarzycka.

Talking with Dominika Zarzycka, in admiration of Evia residents following the aftermath of the devastating wildfires on the island. Zarycka points to how her photography aims to showcase the strength of the communities affected and their connection with the soil and sea.