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Timeless Captures: The Artistic Vision of Nicole Woischwill

Timeless Captures: The Artistic Vision of Nicole Woischwill

In an interview with The Game Magazine, Nicole Woischwill shares her artistic narrative and passion for photography. Hailing from the vibrant city of Berlin, Nicole’s evocative images are a testament to her deep connection with the art form and its power to evoke raw emotion.

imago images/WEREK

Lens & Business: Insights by Anish Rawat

Anish Rawat, Team Lead for Global Sports & Corporate Partnerships at IMAGO Images, unveils some secrets of the photography industry in this interview. He shares valuable guidance for photographers, helping them navigate the industry’s flip side by decoding customer mindsets and unraveling the intricacies of sales.

IMAGO/Action Plus

Shedding Light on Shadows: Unveiling the Secrets of Professional Photography by Sven Pehrs

Sven Pehrs is Head of the Picture Desk at IMAGO and has been involved in the industry for over 20 years. With a passion for photography and extensive experience at the heart of a photo agency, Sven shares his insights and valuable information with photographers and others involved in the industry who wish to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes.

IMAGO/Le Pictorium

The Soundtrack of a Photograph

The right soundtrack of a photograph can elevate your story. In celebration of Fête de la Musique, we showcase the importance of music in photography through IMAGO’s selection of extensive image library and Cézame Music Agency’s diverse playlists and provide tips on how to choose music that amplifies the visual story.


The Impact of AI on the Photography Industry

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the photography industry, and as this technology becomes more advanced, it raises many questions about how it will affect the photographers and the quality of their work. To shed light on this topic, The Game magazine interviewed Andrés Benedicto, Director of International Partnerships and Sports Content at IMAGO, Marcia Hyndman, Press & Communications Manager at IMAGO, as well as two of IMAGO’s photographers, Jared Martinez and Richard Wareham.

IMAGO / Westend61

Climate Action: Innovation and the Future.

In the lead up to the COP26 summit taking place, global struggle is a leading conversation the world over – but what about the technologies and innovations adapting our future and helping in the cause?

IMAGO / Aurora Photos

IMAGO Creative: Analogue Digital.

Indulging in curiosities and reveling in the anticipation, film photography allows room for error, space for experimentation and the element of surprise.

IMAGO / Agencia EFE

PRIDE Weekend.

As Pride Month comes to a close, the last weekend of June is one to celebrate, remember, stand in solidarity and fight for.