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Advertising Photography in the Digital Era: A Conversation with Creative Director Juan Vargas

In a conversation with The Game Magazine, produced by IMAGO, a Photo Agency, Juan Vargas shares his advertising background and the critical role photography plays in the industry. His position as creative director gives him the ability to guide teams and emerging talent to achieve optimal results. He also explores how new technologies are integrated into the creative process to shape new projects.

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Urban dichotomies from IMAGO Creative.

As urban environments across the world evolve to meet new needs and new population numbers, discover the dichotomies within architecture, landscapes, cultures and more through the lens of some of our creative photography.

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IMAGO Creative: Analogue Digital.

Indulging in curiosities and reveling in the anticipation, film photography allows room for error, space for experimentation and the element of surprise.

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PRIDE Weekend.

As Pride Month comes to a close, the last weekend of June is one to celebrate, remember, stand in solidarity and fight for.


Meet the Contributor: MASKOT.

“From a stock photo perspective, we can help push people’s perception of equality, gender roles, diversity etc in the right direction through breaking norms in our imagery.”