Stories with the Tag: Diasporas and Dichotomies

Ukraine: A Dichotomous World. 

Ukraine: A Dichotomous World. 

Capturing the opposite realities existing parallel to each other in today’s Ukraine, our photographers distil the dichotomies setting into everyday life across the invaded nation. As citizens grapple with a full-scale war and continuing with everyday life, see the contrasts Ukrainians are adapting to.

IMAGO/Klaus Rose

The Guest Workers that transformed Germany forever.

Over 60 years ago, Germany was in need of Guest workers (Gastarbeiter) to fill the demand for labor of a post-war economy. Many of them never left, creating communities that changed the demographics of Germany forever.


Hong Kong: The Diasporans who never Left.

Without crossing any border lines, the people of Hong Kong are waking up in a different country as their city enters new realities under Chinese governance – are they the diasporans who never left?