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GUEST WRITER. How LGBTQ+ Community’s Largest Demographic Falls Between the Cracks.

Everyone from Brenda Howard, the mother of Pride, to Angelina Jolie, Marlon Brando and even Alexander The Great, are or were bisexual — the largest demographic in the LGBTQ+ community that has been silently pushed to the sidelines. As Pride Month comes to a close, guest writer Kitty Doherty examines an often-overlooked issue: bi-erasure.

Homophobia in a Queer-Capital. Interview with Sina Tanha.

Homophobia in a Queer-Capital. Interview with Sina Tanha.

“I will show everyone that they don’t need to be silent anymore, that we can fight back with the law. That we have the right to live.” Berlin-based photographer Sina Tanha tells of recent experiences with homophobia in a queer-capital, and the role of activism both in and outside of photography.

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How does men’s football in the UK learn from 30 years of silence?

Last month, Jake Daniels became the first active professional footballer to come out as gay in UK football for three decades. The Game columnist Andy Murray asks why nobody before a 17-year-old forward for second-tier Blackpool with one senior appearance to his name felt able to be themselves…


2021 Year in Review – The Best Of.

This is the IMAGO 2021 Year In Review. Made up of visual highlights and defining moments from the past 12 months, we showcase the year’s inspiring stories, untold moments and captivating movements for change from exciting international photographers.

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La Liga: All Time Top Five.

Narrowing it down to five is never easy but sports columnist, Sofia Bergmann has managed to. As part of an exciting, upcoming editorial project – take a sneak peak with this article from our writer and La Liga enthusiast.


Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Highlights.

With a continuous momentum in new world records set during this year’s Paralympic Games, this year’s Games is breaking records in more ways than one. Officially the most inclusive sports event in history, Tokyo Paralympics also announced that it had the biggest number of female competitors in its history.