Stories with the Tag: Photographer

IMAGO / Travel-Stock-Image

Meet the Contributor: Jürgen Held.

“We live in fast moving times.” Starting out in photography in the 1980’s, Berlin-based Jürgen Held tells us his notion on the role of photography today alongside showcasing his art and city through beautifully compositional images.


Meet the Contributor: MASKOT.

“From a stock photo perspective, we can help push people’s perception of equality, gender roles, diversity etc in the right direction through breaking norms in our imagery.”

IMAGO / ActionPictures

Meet the Contributor: Peter Schatz of ActionPictures.

With a life in photography spanning back to a trip around the world after finishing his studies at TU Munich, Peter Schatz of Action Pictures has an established archive today spanning sports, creative and portrait photography.

IMAGO / Alex Amoros

Meet the Contributor: Alex Amorós.

Meet this week’s Contributor. London based photographer, director and musician Alex Amorós joined IMAGO this year and sat down to tell us a little more about himself, his passions and why he deems photography to be a tool for freedom.

IMAGO / Antonio Balasco

Meet the Contributor: Antonio Balasco.

Meet this week’s Contributor, new IMAGO partner and hailing from Napoli, Antonio Balasco invites us to take a look at his best photojournalist shots from his home and tells of how his passion became a career after a redundancy in IT.

IMAGO / Christopher Lanaway

Meet the Contributor: Christopher Lanaway.

Meet this week’s contributor, Christopher Lanaway. With a fresh aesthetic and modern approach to sports photography, take a look at his latest work and the sports people in front of the lens. New to IMAGO, he tells us how he is motivated by photography’s ability to both document culture and elicit change.

IMAGO / Wassilis Aswestopoulos

Meet the Contributor: Wassilis Aswestopoulos.

Meet this week’s contributor, Wassilis Aswestopoulos. Picking up his father’s hobby he talks to IMAGO about why photography was a tool for communication in his childhood and has fast become his passion.

IMAGO / IP3press

Meet the Contributor: Vincent Isoré for IP3 Press.

Meet this week’s contributor, and part of the French photography agency IP3 Press, Vincent Isoré. Finding his own voice and position in the world through the ability to photograph, he talks to IMAGO about how important photography is to memory.

IMAGO / Sylvio Dittrich

Meet the Contributor: Sylvio Dittrich.

Meet this week’s contributor, Sylvio Dittrich. Starting out as a painter and gaining a degree in graphic design, the skillful photographer and partner of IMAGO tells us how he got started secretly photographing in East Berlin and describes his photographic style.

IMAGO / robertkalb photographien

Meet the Contributor: Robert Kalb.

This Friday, photographer Robert Kalb talks to us about his creative processes, the story behind his career and how photography has been an important element in his life since early childhood. Meet this week’s IMAGO contributor.