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Alfred Stieglitz: Redefining Photography as an Art Form

Discover the transformative work of Alfred Stieglitz through the IMAGO archive, a revolutionary photographer who shaped the art photography landscape and played a pivotal role in establishing photography as a fine art in the modern era.

The Intrusive Photographer: Indigenous Communities

The Intrusive Photographer: Indigenous Communities

When photographing in different communities, the presence of a camera can be intrusive. In a new series by columnist photographer, and former IMAGO editor Sofia Bergmann, she discusses questions and challenges in photography by drawing from her experiences.


Behind the Lens, Uncovering Creativity

In our new series for The Game magazine, we will be bringing you the latest advice, industry tips, challenges, and personal accounts straight from the most experienced and professional photographers in the industry.


The Impact of AI on the Photography Industry

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the photography industry, and as this technology becomes more advanced, it raises many questions about how it will affect the photographers and the quality of their work. To shed light on this topic, The Game magazine interviewed Andrés Benedicto, Director of International Partnerships and Sports Content at IMAGO, Marcia Hyndman, Press & Communications Manager at IMAGO, as well as two of IMAGO’s photographers, Jared Martinez and Richard Wareham.