Stories with the Tag: Photojournalism

IMAGO/Michael Marquand

Emerge through Social Media: A Look into the World of Photography

What do photographers think about social media? How did it help or challenge them to showcase their skills and work? The Game magazine has asked questions from many photographers about what they think about social media and if it helped them to emerge their work.

Merge and Emerge

Merge and Emerge

For the next three months, we will explore the Merge & Emerge series. We will discover from the eyewitness stories of our photographers as they document the ways in which the world is evolving, and people are working together to emerge.

imago images/Aleksander Kalka

Changes Captured by Lenses

IMAGO spoke with professional photographers to discover the experiences that have changed their work or life.

Waves of change

Waves of Change

Our monthly series, Waves of Change, gives insight into worldwide changes through narrating the stories by our photographers.

Mario Reina

Mario Reina, a look inside the artisan communities in Colombia.

Immersed in the craft processes of Colombian communities, Mario Reina’s photographs transport the viewer to feel and relive each stage of the craft process and to get to know the artisans better. In this interview, IMAGO spoke with him about his experiences as a photojournalist in his country.

Photography by Sharif Shayeq

Into the heart of Afghanistan. Interview with Sharif Shayeq.

Diving into the heart of events, Sharif Shayeq photographs life of people in Afghanistan. He shows the reality of culture and society in a country struggling for peace. IMAGO spoke with him about his experiences as a photojournalist in his country.