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Osaka and Williams shifting mental health in sports: impressions from photographers .

Examining the tennis icon, Serena Williams, in a new light and through the lens of the everchanging sporting mentality in recent events, Sofia Bergmann dissects the new layers in which Serena is to be considered iconic. Alongside a new generation of athletes including Naomi Osaka, sports culture is evolving and todays icons are not just based on matches won.

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433 on Football, Fans and Social Media : An Interview.

433, the biggest Instagram account in the world, has published its first book. From starting out as a twitter account to today’s number one sports community, the team takes us through their journey, sharing their insight along the way.

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What next for Jose Mourinho and Roma? By Andy Murray.

It took Jose Mourinho little more than a fortnight to find a new job after his unceremonious Tottenham sacking six days before the Carabao Cup final. Stuck in a cycle of ever-diminishing returns, the Portuguese boss is in danger of ruining his legacy.

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Meet the Contributor: Christopher Lanaway.

Meet this week’s contributor, Christopher Lanaway. With a fresh aesthetic and modern approach to sports photography, take a look at his latest work and the sports people in front of the lens. New to IMAGO, he tells us how he is motivated by photography’s ability to both document culture and elicit change.

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Meet the Contributor: Maryam Majd.

Meet our contributor, Iranian photographer Maryam Majd. Promoting inclusivity unconditionally and giving a voice to those rarely heard, her photography speaks volumes.

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Meet the Contributor: Vitalii Kliuiev

This week, Ukrainian based Vitalii Kliuiev talks to us about his connection with sports photography and how his chosen profession has helped him out in more ways than one.