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IMAGO / Thomas Hengge

Thomas Hengge: An Interview on the Insurrection.

The violence that was incited by former President Trump led to riots and violent protest on January 6. Thomas Hengge, a New York-based photojournalist documented the historical event with his camera. We spoke to him about his first hand experience in an interview depicting a historical and iconic moment of today’s social political environment.

IMAGO / Pressefoto Baumann

Oil, Afghanistan and Jimmy Carter: Remembering Moscow 1980.

Politics and sport are two entities that most of us would rather keep separate. People don’t tend to go to cricket, rugby, football or even the Olympics intending to engage in heated debate surrounding government policy. Quite the contrary: sport serves as a distraction from the seemingly endless drone of current affairs – none of which ever seems to be particularly positive.

IMAGO / Thomas Hengge

Thomas Hengge : Documenting the Insurrection.

A week ago, we watched as reports broke of Trump supporters storming the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC. On the frontlines, IMAGO photographer, Thomas Hengge captivated us with his images taken from the riot. Read his experience here.