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Examining the various urban contrasts around the world, from city to city, our latest collection travels the globe. From urban-rural relationships, blurred boundaries between old and new and colliding architectural cityscapes, discover the Urban Dichotomies that continue to surround us in daily life.

IMAGO / YAY Images
IMAGO / YAY Images | Cherry blossom and rive set against cityscape in Tokyo, Japan.
IMAGO / imagebroker/giovannini
IMAGO / imagebroker / giovannini | Frenchman passes an iron gate painted with graffiti in multicultural Belleville in Paris.
IMAGO / pillerss
IMAGO / pillerss | Aerial view of the city from the Bastille Hill, Grenoble, France.
IMAGO / alexeys
IMAGO / alexeys | Camel on the beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai.
IMAGO / Peter Schickert
IMAGO / Peter Schickert | Young man on his scooter waiting in front of a flower store in Hanoi, Vietnam.
IMAGO / Shotshop
IMAGO / Shotshop | Hong Kong skyline.
IMAGO / Christian Goupi
IMAGO / Christian Goupi | ´´The Theatre of Life´´ Mural by the artist team Meg Saligman, Mural Arts Program, 507 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, USA.
IMAGO / viennaslide
IMAGO / viennaslide | Street Art by Banksy in Venice, Italy.
IMAGO / Addictive Stock / Raul Bejar
IMAGO / Addictive Stock / Raul Bejar | Green exotic palm trees and Welcome signpost in Las Vegas, Nevada.
IMAGO / robertharding
IMAGO / robertharding | Old vintage cars parked outside Teatro America, La Habana (Havana), Cuba.
IMAGO / Aurora Photos
IMAGO / Aurora Photos | View Of A Fish Market In The City Of Sicily, Catania, Italy.
IMAGO / imagebroker / Diego Lezama
IMAGO / imagebroker / Diego Lezama | A row of shops with graffiti in the Malasana district, Madrid, Spain.
IMAGO / Imaginechina-Tuchong
IMAGO / Imaginechina-Tuchong | Skyline of the port city of Xiamen on China's southeast coast.
IMAGO / VWPics | Monjitas street, Bellas Artes neighborhood, Santiago, Chile.
IMAGO / imagebroker
IMAGO / imagebroker | Food stands with Japanese food at night in Ueno Park, Taito City, Tokyo, Japan.
IMAGO / Frederic Soreau
IMAGO / Frederic Soreau | Street artist fire eater in Yvelines, France.
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