Maria Camila Diaz Salas

WritersMaria Camila Diaz Salas is a writer and columnist for The Game magazine, with a rich history of designing and writing in several countries. She has worked extensively in Colombia, India, the United States, and Germany, honing her craft and refining her unique perspective on the world.

Currently, Maria serves as the marketing manager of IMAGO, bringing her expertise and insight to help shape the future of this innovative company. Her passion for writing and design is evident in all her work, and her dedication to excellence has earned her a reputation as one of the most talented and creative minds in the industry.

Fatemeh Roshan

WritersFatemeh Roshan is a journalist based in Berlin with a proven track record of over five years of reporting on art and culture in the Middle East. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Tehran and a Master’s in Media from Berlin. She is a member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) since 2017, and currently serves as the Editor of The Game magazine.

Andy Murray

WritersAndy Murray is an award-winning sports writer and columnist. A fluent Spanish speaker and former semi-professional footballer, he was senior staff writer of world-leading football magazine FourFourTwo for seven years and continues to write and edit for them, national newspapers, websites and Premier League clubs. He is not a famous tennis player.

Sofia Bergmann

WritersSofia Bergmann is a photographer, journalist and former IMAGO editor. She has been nominated for a Regional Emmy award, and has reported and photographed out of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, Cuba, Berlin, Argentina, Boston and her hometown near San Francisco, California. During her time at IMAGO, she was an editor at the Picture Desk and for The Game, as well as a columnist and content manager.

She is now continuing to write for The Game as a contributing writer and photographer. Her work focuses on everything from culture and politics to environmental and social issues.

Esin Karakaş

WritersEsin Karakaş is a young and talented artist and writer for The Game magazine. Her passion for photography led her to join the IMAGO marketing team in 2022, where she eagerly delves into the world of photography and its stories.

Currently, Esin is finishing her master’s studies in Marketing and Media Management. Alongside her studies and work, she loves to wander the streets of the city, discovering new arts and cultural events. Esin’s interest in photography was sparked at a young age by her enthusiastic aunt who introduced her to the field. Since then, she has been fascinated by the stories and backgrounds of photographers and enjoys exploring and showcasing them for The Game magazine.

Marcia Hyndman

WritersMarcia Hyndman is a writer and columnist for The Game magazine. With an artistic background and education from the University of Art Berlin (UDK), she has built a successful career in the photo industry over the past five years.

Currently, Marcia works as the Social & Sales Asset Lead in IMAGO, where she continues to apply her expertise to create engaging and inspiring content.

Johannes Häring

WritersJohannes Häring is a passionate young columnist, with a deep love for football, Formula 1, and basketball. Growing up in Berlin, he was introduced to football culture early by his father and uncle, who would take him to the stadium on a regular basis.

Currently, Johannes is completing his studies in Business Administration in Berlin and working in the Marketing department at IMAGO, where he brings his passion for sports to his work, creating engaging content that resonates with audiences.
In addition to his love for sports and writing, Johannes enjoys traveling and exploring new destinations with his childhood friends. His passion for adventure has led him to discover new cultures and experiences, which have shaped his unique perspective on life and work.

Jens Pepper

Jens PepperJens Pepper is an author, curator, and photographer based in Berlin. During a one-and-a-half-year stay in Warsaw in 2016/17, he got to know the Polish photography scene and conducted many interviews with photographers, artists, gallery owners, publishers, collectors, and curators.

Jens published these interviews in the book “Conversations about Polish Photography” by Klak Verlag upon his return. He regularly writes for Photonews and brennpunkt and, together with filmmaker Philip Dresmann, runs the “Pepper’s Photo Chat” channel on YouTube. His most recent publications include “Fotoszene Berlin,” also by Klak Verlag, and the book for the exhibition “State of Emergency – Polish Photographic Art Today,” curated by him and Grazyna Siedlecka, published by the Mitteldeutscher Verlag.